About Us

A&M Steel, Inc. was founded by Antonio Peccia, an Italian immigrant who personifies the American ideals, “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

On December 28, 1978, at the age of 16, Antonio Peccia left his small town in Italy in search of opportunities in the United States.  Armed with a head for numbers and a talent for welding, he found a job doing just that.

In 1994, Antonio started working independently out of his garage, giving A&M Steel its unofficial start.

The demand for Antonio’s work grew, his name becoming synonymous with quality workmanship and excellent customer service.  A&M Steel had outgrown its small shop on National Western Drive.  In the Summer of 2000, Antonio built a full-service fabrication shop and headquarters in the heart of Welby and that’s where he’s been ever since.

We specialize in structural, ornamental, and miscellaneous iron.  Throughout our 25 years, A&M Steel has built strong relationships through our commitment to timeless tradition and professional standards. This pattern of excellence continues today, and is the blueprint for achievement tomorrow.